Biju's Block Party: Brian Kurtz Edition

Pabst Brewery & Taproom, 1037 West Juneau Avenue, Milwaukee

5th Annual Biju's Block Party is upon us again and has moved to the Pabst Milwaukee Brewery & Taproom!!! Outside in the Pabst Beer Garden we will have all acoustic/solo artist, inside full live music on the top and bottom of each hour starting at 3pm. Once again it's a donated event with raffles and a handful of amazing bands/artist to help a Milwaukee brother out. This year, Brian Kurtz, a good friend and motorcyclist enthusiast.

Brian Kurtz was holding onto a balcony railing that broke falling nearly 3 stories. Injuries were 2 pelvic fractures, 3 broken ribs, partial collapsed lung, and a broken wrist requiring surgery, plus now has 5 or 6 screws and a metal plate in his wrist. 7 broken bones and a collapsed lung in one setting. A lovely week stay in the hospital, projected recovery is about 2-3 months, out of work probably 2 months.

Great Lakes Galley at Pabst Brewery and Taproom kitchen is open 12pm - 6pm

Parking near the Pabst Taproom can get tricky on busy nights. Save yourself some trouble and reserve your spot in the parking garage right across the street from the venue! Step 1: download the ParqEx app Step 2: search "1036 W. Juneau Avenue" Step 3: reserve a parking spot in for ONLY $4!!