Sorrow and solitude, these are the precious things. And the only words that are worth remembering.” - Townes Van Zandt


“Daniel Rey” is the solo Americana side-project of singer/songwriter Dejan Kralj (day-on kraal), who has spent the last three decades as the bass guitarist and one of the primary songwriters for Milwaukee's reclusive alternative-rock band, The Gufs.  Although the former Atlantic Recording/EMI Publishing Artist and 2012 Wisconsin Area Music Industry Hall of Fame Inductee is a twenty-year resident of Chicago’s west side “Veltway” community, Rey (the Spanish translation of Kralj) divides his time between his North Berwyn Bungalow, his musical “hometown” of Milwaukee and a small farm in Southeastern Indiana --the source of his alt-folk/alt-country musings-- that he first visited twenty-five years ago.  Daniel Rey has been performing throughout the Midwest since 2018 and released his debut LP “Living Low” on Milwaukee’s Red Submarine Records in March 2020.  He is currently at work recording his follow-up LP “Too Busy Dying” for release later this year.


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